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National 4-H Week Materials

National 4-H Week provides a great opportunity to spread the word about 4-H! Click here to print fliers and to use Facebook tools that celebrate 4-H and promote your 4-H program October 7-13, 2012. Whether you want to hang a flier on the school bulletin board or get the news out through email, you can encourage enrollment of new 4-H Members, volunteers, and supporters to get involved and to Join the Revolution of Responsibility.

TV Commercials for Your Local Station

If you are looking to promote 4-H, call your local television channels and ask if they will play free advertising for your local 4-H Program. Send them this 30-second or 60-second TV commercial and help get the news out about 4-H!

If sending the commercial to a TV station is not an option, you can place this video on your county's homepage, or ask local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce to help promote on their websites. You can also find the radio commercials, print ads and online web banners online by clicking here!

4-H Banner for Conferences and Meetings

If you are headed to a conference or meeting and would like to have a promotional 4-H sign, you can now download the template for a 24" x 80" banner on the Join the Revolution of Responsibility website. You can then get the product printed by a local or online vendor. The ease of transport and set-up will make pull-up banners a particularly great choice for 4-H professionals interested in a versatile tool. Click here to view and download the files for the banner.

Featured Join the Revolution of Responsibility Story: Improving Health in Louisiana

When Louisiana 4-H Members learned that their state received an "F" from the Department of Health in the category of overweight/obese children, they decided to implement a healthy living program. Youth leaders from across the state worked together with one common goal, improving the overall health in Louisiana. Do you have a story to tell from your community? Share your story today!

Promote 4-H Events on Facebook 

Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to promote local 4-H fundraisers and events? Promote your fundraiser, camp, conference or workshop through Facebook! You can create an event on the site, which allows you to share details, photos, and updates with your 4-H community, just like a virtual invitation. Make sure to publicize your event ahead of time, and share a link to the event with 4-H members and volunteers. Click here to get started.

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